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Lateness and Procrastination may be signs of ADHD?

ADD/ADHD impacts many adults and its frustrating symptoms can hinder everything from your relationships to your career. Once you identify your own symptoms and understand the challenges that come with ADD/ADHD, you can learn to compensate for areas of weakness and take advantage of your many strengths and talents.

Many people associate ADHD with children as the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder mostly occurs in childhood. But most people will be surprised to know that if someone has ADHD as a child, chances are that it can prevail in adulthood too.

Many times, ADHD may go undiagnosed in childhood. This later leads to complications in a person's adult life as they are unable to deliver their commitments. In fact, in adulthood the symptoms of ADHD are very different from the symptoms of ADHD in children and are more subtle. The symptoms may not be clearly identified as those of ADHD, making it difficult to recognize and carry out adult ADHD treatment.

There are some symptoms that may indicate that you or your loved one has adult ADHD. However, only a full-consultation diagnosis with a doctor can reveal if a person has ADHD.

Organization difficulties

A person with adult ADHD may have difficulty in daily tasks requiring organization. The disorganization problem faced by ADHD people affects their quality of life as they struggle to deal with different responsibilities and their jobs at the same time.

Disorganization can lead to people with ADHD often misplacing their belongings. At office, these might be the people who will have a cluttered workplace.

Marital problems

People with ADHD will also find it affecting their relationships. Symptoms of ADHD such as inattentiveness, impulsivity and forgetfulness can all have adverse effects on their marriage as their partner think they are displaying a careless attitude.

People with ADHD can forget to complete their chores or honor some obligations. While their partner might be hurt or angry over it, people with ADHD may feel that they are being nagged for some task or are being blamed for something that is not their fault.

Chronic lateness

ADHD also brings with it procrastination and chronic lateness. Those who have ADHD might find themselves losing track of appointments and missing deadlines. The problem of chronic lateness can run these people late, whether they are working on an assignment or working.


Extreme distractibility is another troublesome symptom faced by people suffering from this disorder. Minor distractions at work, such as colleagues talking or phones ringing, can distract these people from work and delay their work.

If any person suspects that their symptoms resemble those of ADHD, they should consult with a doctor since adult ADHD treatment is the only way to stop ADHD interfering with daily life.

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